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The Return of the Rivers

UPDATE: You also can listen on your phone or iPad with the AFR app.  Download it for free and listen in wherever you are at 11am CST!

Well, Monday is a big day.  Jon and Sherry Rivers are coming back to the airwaves.  The Rivers are dear friends of mine and they are some of the best radio folks in the business.  I am so excited that once again they are going to be a part of your lives.  They will be doing the 11am-3pm CST show on American Family Radio.  For those of you who may not have AFR in your neighborhood, you can listen online at: . Just click the second button on the right. It says “Music: AFR Inspirational Live”.  And in 19 states, you can listen to AFR on your radio.  Find those stations here: .  It’s the ones with an asterik.  The others are talk radio, which you are welcome to listen to, it’s just that the Rivers won’t be on there.  So it’s starting this Monday, January 9th at 11am CST.  It’s a day many of you have been waiting for.  Just pull it up on your computer speakers and let it play in your house for the afternoon.  I think you’ll probably be back for many afternoons to come.  I don’t yet know how you can call in or any of those things.  Let’s commit together to pray for this first show together.  11am Monday morning.  Will you pray for Jon and Sherrie, for AFR, and for everyone listening?  I believe that God is starting something new and I’m excited about it.  So listen in Monday at 11am.  Maybe they’ll even have a guest on the air?


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  • Lori

    I use to love listening to them on KLOVE so glad they are back on the air. I know God will use them in a mighty way. And will use Jons testimony to reach others. Thanks Todd for letting us know.

  • Jennifer Ward

    This is great news…Il missed them on KLove. Had to chance to meet them on the klove friends and family cruises…..really good people….will be praying!

  • clarice

    Awesome news! Have missed them. Will be praying!

  • clarice

    P.S. I am hopeful you maybe the guest :)

  • clarice

    well as much as I try each day – every time I click on the music link it still goes to news…. :(

  • Joshua R. Harrell

    I just earlier this month started listening because I accidentally found AFR while looking for K-Love. And I was listening to then last night, or the night before, maybe the night before that. I was thinking about it, I think, or heard it, and thought for a minutes, and remembered what I read about them – the blog, I mean.

  • Bob & Sandra Agnew

    This is your Mom & Dad … loved the show and the NEW SONG!!!!  Can’t wait for the entire album.  Oh, yeah … we like John and Sherrie also!  Blessings on them, and you.

  • SuZQRaz

    Todd, I am just reading this for the first time.  I am so glad Jon and Sherry are back.  I always enjoyed them on KLOVE and I look forward to hearing them now.  Thank you.

  • J

    They left another radio show why?