Do You See What I See: Easter

Peter believed his mistake excluded him from being a part of what God was doing at Calvary.

John struggled to understand the truth he had been taught in light of the pain and suffering he saw.

Mary finally understood what Simeon meant when he said “A sword will pierce your heart as well”.

Mary Magdalene had been loved in spite of her mistakes and followed the One who loved her, even to the cross.

The centurion stood right next to Him but couldn’t recognize the Savior until he watched Him die.

The thief saw the possibility of hope in the midst of his shame, even in the midst of death.

We see the cross, knowing the resurrection.  And yet many of us believe our mistakes define us, struggle to correlate truth and suffering, fail to see God next to us.  But Jesus died.  And then rose again.  So that we might not merely know Him as a good man, but as a Savior.  That we might be loved in spite of all we have done.  That we might find the hope of glory, even in the midst of our death.

Bless the Resurrected.


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  • Vicki Hayden


  • Brenda Branson

    “Love so amazing, so divine – demands my soul, my life & my all.”

  • Peggy Edinburgh

    “I Need No Other”. This song has really ministered to my soul the last few weeks. “It is enough that Jesus died, and that He died for me.” I’m so thankful that despite my mistakes and my questions, He loves me that much, and is with me…always.

  • Doug

    Passover Isn’t Easter! East-er is a fertility rite kept by the people of the EAST & brought into the Christian Church by the fallen Mother of Harlots!