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We’re Back!!!

Hey, the website’s up and running again. I’m so sorry for all the time that you couldn’t get on toddagnew.com, and instead had to read your Bible, hang out with your family, talk to real people, and eat good food. Seriously, I am sorry that the site has been down (in case you missed the news, it was hacked and had to be rebuilt from scratch.) So you missed a fairly strenuous time in our lives. We packed up and moved from Austin to Dallas. I preached two camps and led worship for one. I led for the last time at our church, Austin Stone Community Church. My wife got a great promotion, which instigated this process, but God made His opinion loud and clear for us and we are very grateful. I’m starting seminary in the fall at DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary). I’ll still be on the road a couple of weekends a month (same as last year) so hopefully I’ll get to see you somewhere this year. So we’re busy unpacking and getting settled here in the Metroplex. Definitely miss Austin but really excited about what God is going to do with us here.

So there’s the quick update from my end. Why don’t you leave a comment below and give us your summer update. New blogs coming soon. Thanks.


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  • Bud Morris

    Thats coo,Yall back to DFW area–DTS if i remember is in Irving up the hill and across from the old area where Texas Stadium used to be.I still have kin living in DFW.Maybe some day how bout i stop on over your place and visit you maybe we can go eat some Texas chili or some ribs or something–lol–Im glad for you and your wife and family–Thank you– Bud M

  • LisaKay

    What an exciting change for y’all! We attend Fellowship Bible Church in Tulsa, OK, which has strong ties with DTS. Good luck with this next phase in your life.

  • Kim

    Just read this post. I was born and raised in Big D and although have been in Albuquerque(where I saw u when u were here) for the last 10 years, Dallas will always be home. Just wanted to say how much I love the songs that the Lord has given to you to sing for us!! He has given you a beautiful voice and such real life lyrics!! You are a blessing to many!!!