Unexpected Help

We just moved, as many of you know. We left our old house clean and did the repairs the buyers asked for. We even left them a few bonus things, mostly things we didn’t want. We arrived at our new house to find a sheet of paper on the kitchen counter where the seller had written out everything she could think of to help us start our new life in this home. She made it as simple as possible to grasp all the details of a new place.

We came straight to our new house from camp. At camp, we had talked about how prayer, worship, and evangelism are all lifestyles, not just skills. As I saw that sheet of paper, I thought about the potential there. In sharing details of a home with someone, you could let them know where you went to church in this town. If they need help with something, you could give them the number of a Christian friend in your neighborhood. Obviously, they don’t have to take advantage of any of that, but just giving them the option opens the door to all kinds of possibilities.

Of course, hopefully you will only move a few times in your life. Can you think of any other ways that you could reach out to people in a non-threatening way? How could we connect people to other Christians and to church while actually helping them?



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  • http://brokenpeople.org/ Brenda Branson

    What a great idea! Whether one is leaving a home or an apartment, it would be very helpful to leave a list of repair/tech people who can be trusted and who know the history of repairs at that location. In a new location it always helps to have good recommendations for doctors, hair salons, auto mechanics, banks, therapists, etc.

    What about leaving a gift card to your favorite restaurant in the area or perhaps a copy of “The Message” or “The Voice Bible”?

  • Bud Morris

    Thats wonderful bro–Just being kind to others is good too.I know you have this quality cause you always been kind to me– Thank you– Bud Morris :)

  • harmon biehl

    Hi, I do jail and prison ministry and like to do some of your music. I am also a singer/songwriter and the ministry work gives me endless ideas for songs. Of course I am an absolute amateur at it but most people like the music simply because of the words.
    I tell people I would rather take a beating than move but we have to do it sometimes.
    I pray that your new house becomes a home for you and your wife and that the ministry work God has in store for you is hard work and very rewarding as you see and experience the Holy Spirit at work in peoples lives.

    Be Blessed;

  • Sister in Christ

    I agree with your thoughts…there are definitely a lot of really subtle ways we can introduce others to Christ and Christ’s love…as just a fyi instead of an insistence that may send some of them running. Now, a prayer that we all may be able to realize those when they arise…especially in this overwhelmingly busy world. It tend to make some headway in sharing my faith with friends/co-workers. What I think it is…is simply just loving people…caring enough to share a book with a bible version and explanation for each day when they are having a rough time…sharing a tidbit of my faith that may give them hope through a rough spot. Respectfully listen to their beliefs, even if they are not my own…and take the opportunity to very diplomatically share my own. Good or bad…I don’t see it as a “mission”…I see it as loving others the way that God loves me….and being availlable for God to use me in their lives…in the level in which he needs me for that person at that time. That may just be one or two sentences that will help build them in their curiosity of the faith or grown them in their own faith journey. I think sometimes when we “share the Word” we are sharing all that we feel we need to share…not just what is perfect for us to share at that point in time. Each interaction is a building block…let’s not always pull up the dump truck and dump the whole load of bricks at one time…too intimidating for most!

  • http://systematichymnology.com/ John Gardner

    Great idea! Our house is on the market, and we’ve already been praying that whoever buys it will be a good neighbor… we already know they’re going to have great neighbors! We hadn’t given much thought to ways to see the sale of our home as an evangelistic opportunity, but this makes a ton of sense, particularly since the house is only a mile from the church where I serve on staff. We already have a letter written that details some of the idiosyncrasies of the place, but I believe I’ll go add a few words about the church to that letter now. Thanks for sharing!

  • JH

    Just heard one of your songs in my playlist and remembered an awesome concert at Co-Lin in Wesson, Mississippi several years back and thought, “Wonder what he is up to?” Good to know you are still doing what you do.

  • steve sandor

    Hello I know this is the wrong place to post this but I am desperate. My wife is a big fan of yours she has all your cd’s. Except 1 she cant find it anywhere and I cannot either I have searched everywhere for your Breath of God album. If you could tell me where I can get this for my awesome wife I would be ever so grateful. Thank you for reading this.

  • TonyAbernathy

    Brother Todd can you put some BlueGrass Gospel style in your next Album.
    and I noticed you spelled Saviour wrong in your last albums my kjv bible spells Saviour with 7 letters but you spelled it with 6 letters savior.
    now that i think about it only the king james bible spells savoiur with 7 letters.
    also could you use some kjv bible words in your new album like thee, thou, thine and so forth.
    i look forward to buy your next album
    May our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST bless you and your family.