Stupid Ladders, Stupid Me

So a few weeks ago, I fell off a ladder. Yep, just fell off of it. Feet were 7 feet in the air and then I was on the ground. It hurt. My knee still hurts. But the point of the story is not for you to feel sorry for me. The point is this…

A man came over to help me. He was at the park with his family and I guess he saw me fall. We had quite a conversation, some of which was quite humorous, but I’ll skip that. The important part was that one of the last things he said to me was, “You should thank whatever God you believe in that you were not hurt worse.”

I look back at that day and that sentence is what haunts me. He mentioned God and quite probably did not believe in Jesus. I had an opportunity to share with him, but I was so consumed with my own pain, with my own life that I didn’t even notice the opening. I wonder how often that happens in the rest of my life. How many times has someone left me an opening to tell them about Jesus, but I am so consumed with what is going on in my life that I completely miss it?

About 6 months ago, I ran out of gas on the highway. (Yes, I know I’m an idiot. Go ahead and laugh.) At the exit I had just passed was a large church, but there was no gas station. So I started walking on to the next exit, which it turned out was about 3 miles. During my walk, church got out. Hundreds and hundreds of people walked out to the parking lot, got into their cars, drove out onto the highway, and passed the stupid man walking 3 miles to the gas station. Most probably never even noticed I was there. And they had just left church! I hope the sermon wasn’t on taking care of the needy. But I’m not upset with them, instead I felt a complete understanding of them. They were just like me after falling from the ladder. They were so consumed with their own lives that they never noticed the opening right in front of them.

So my prayer for me and for you is that God makes our hearts sensitive to those in need, and helps us to notice when we have an opportunity to talk about him. So for the next few posts, I’m going to talk about evangelism. I know you’re thrilled. It’s an uncomfortable subject, but I learned some things this year that I’d like to share.

Thanks for reading.

And discuss.


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  • Daniel Lebsack

    Thanks for sharing Todd. I have at least three moments that readily come to mind of missing that “opportunity”. Some soft pitches right over the plate, some fastballs that I was possibly too intimidated to swing at. Regardless, I’m called to swing the bat and let the Spirit do the rest. My prayer is that the focus will not lie in those whiffed opportunities but in being prepared the next time I’m at the plate.

  • Brenda Branson

    I share the problem of being oblivious sometimes to needs around me. One incident I will always remember was when I was traveling to a concert. I had just returned to the hotel late at night when I was approached by a man who had walked in from the parking lot. He asked me for money so he could buy food at a restaurant across the parking lot. I am cautious about giving money, but there was something in the man’s eyes that prompted me to go ahead. From the safety of the hotel lobby, I watched him walk into the restaurant and felt glad I helped him, but almost immediately I sensed God asking me why I had not invited him to get his food to go and meet me in the hotel breakfast area where it was safe so I could talk with him and hear his story. I asked God to give me another chance to get involved in people’s lives instead of just doing what was easy and comfortable. He did, and I blew it that time too, but those failures prompted me to slow down, pay closer attention, and go deeper. When I got a third opportunity, I was ready to respond. Wish I could say that’s my normal response now, but it isn’t. Thankful for God’s sweet spirit that reminds me to respond to needs around me without condemning me when I don’t.

  • Brenda Miller Soto

    I am away from home right now helping my sister who has cancer. Her daughter has been spending quite a bit of time over here and we usually end up on the subject of God. Most days I do well in sharing with her concerning salvation, but a few times I found myself, thinking of the chore I had to do next and just brought the conversation to a close.

    Why do I do that? This is my own niece, who should mean more than a stupid chore. I think we need to spend more time picturing hell and imagine people there, whether strangers, family or whoever. We should so abhor the idea of hell that sharing with people becomes a priority.

  • oneeyered

    Powerful Todd, powerful. One reason I have enjoyed your music so much (other than being a musician and digging the players you have laying down the tracks) is that your lyrics, and your posts touch me. The Holy Spirit swells up inside me and makes me want to weep. I really appreciate the people around me truly seeking God that never seem to fit in but are transparent as can be. Thanks for your transparency and sharing this.

    I minister to men and when I disciple I am always telling young men that we have endless opportunities daily. However, we are so full of “us” that we completely miss these opportunities. I pray every day that the Holy Spirit would convict me and open my eyes to these opportunities; to minister to look beyond myself, regardless my circumstances, to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


  • Charley

    Glad you’re OK! Recently, I talked to a lady whose husband fell like that but hit his head. Not good! Some serious issues now. Be careful up there! I’m glad the God you believe in also loves that man who came to help. Maybe your fall and his response is just the opening chapter to a story that ends with you being able to share your heart for God with him.

  • Carol Oszczakiewicz Abraham

    Just know that couples read your words together and contemplate how to improve their own evangelism. Thank you for sharing your heart and what God put on it :)

  • Kasi

    yes Todd your right, some of the biggest open doors seem to go without notice, but as family in Christ we share and work together, reminding one another of the work at hand and that all of this is not about us.
    I pray that God continues to lay upon our hearts, those in our pathway, and to open our eyes to the opportunities that lay before us. That He would give us His perfect words to speak, for each and every one of those that we are allowed to bless, and show His love.
    Thank you Todd, for the reminder….Blessings to you, Kas